Spellbound Africa

Test Two

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                  : a large round frame for holding candles or lights that hangs from the ceiling and is decorated with small pieces of glass.

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                          : strong fear of being in a small enclosed space or in a situation that limits what you can do.

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                    :fruit that has been cooked in sugar and water and is eaten cold.

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                        : a punishment or something bad which happens to one that one really deserves.

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                  : an evening entertainment with Scottish or Irish singing and dancing.

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               :a military department that is responsible for supplying food.

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                          : a place in the US state of New York where many people go to enjoy special arts events during the summer, including musical performances and plays.

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                : a town in Western England that is famous for its horse racing, its spa, and its public schools.

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             : a common small European bird.

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                             : a dish originally from Latin America, made from pieces of raw fish in lemon or lime juice, oil, and spices.

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